300/500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Expanding The Teacher Within

Continue exploring, expanding and embracing the Teacher Within YOU. This program is directed to those who have already completed their 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training program, @ WE or elsewhere, and are now looking to continue this journey to discover new aspects, more depth and an authentic flow – encouraging you to show up in every moment, on the mat and off, as your Truest Self.

Five content-specific and highly experiential Modules for this program have been consciously created to be taken as sequentially or as sporadically as fits in with your life’s pace and flow. In unison with these in-depth and lengthier Modules, many day and weekend courses are offered to supplement and deepen specific subject matter or to expand the spectrum of experience more broadly across the wide realm of Yoga.

Through the mindful and open-hearted participation in these five full Modules (200+ hours) and the selection and partaking in other offered and highly influential courses (@ WE and elsewhere-adding up to 70+ hours of “Electives”), the 300 hours accrue and your 500 hour certification through Yoga Alliance is possible.

Yet most importantly perhaps, the multitude of growth-inducing and inspiring opportunities that are experienced on this journey allow a new accessibility to a deeper, ever-evolving variation of the teacher within YOURSELF.

  ~ Module #2 ~
May 13 – June 25, 2017 (alternating weekends)
40 credit hours – $600

Unearth more sustainable and well-rooted techniques for teaching Pranayama, Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques with ease, intention and grace and realize for yourSelf the amazing benefits of this authentic internal guidance and practice.

  ~ Module #3 ~
20 credit hours – $300

Find more confidence and understanding of Anatomy and better apply your knowledge  of the physical body to provide your students with a safe, balanced and aligned asana practice.

You will be required to complete  Part I and Part II to satisfy this module’s requirements.

Applied Yoga Anatomy with Sheetal
(All are Wednesdays from 6:00-8:00 pm)

Sheetal Contractor will offer one 2-hour session every month, while modules are occurring, in which she will apply the subject matter being experienced and explored in the module in an anatomical and applicable way; therefore reinforcing and connecting your knowledge of the content AND anatomy and best helping you to understand and retain the information gained.  You choose any five 2-hour sessions, to fulfill this requirement (or take some of these as electives).

Full Investment in the Entire Program
(This option is not available at this time)

  • $3690– Entire package – Five full Modules (200 credit hours), 70+ credit hours of electives, 13 months of Unlimited Yoga @ WE and your 300 hour Yoga Alliance certification upon completion (Monthly or otherwise payment options are offered.)

Investment in Modules (Only)

Module #1 – $900 (60 credits/hours)
Module #2 – $600 (40 credits/hours)
Module #3 – $300 (20 credits/hours)
Module #4 – $750 (50 credits/hours)
Module #5 – $450 (30 credits/hours)


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