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Kids Flow | Kripalu Yoga | WE Meditate | Prenatal Yoga

WE Stretch | Yoga for Athletes | Yoga Nidra

Adaptive Yoga

Be well-supported…

This class is for you if you are post-surgery, have a physical condition that impacts mobility, or want a slow well-supported practice. In this class, yoga postures are made accessible to all students by adapting poses, using props and hands-on support when needed. Through breath, slow mindful movement, and relaxation, students explore the mind-body connection and gain flexibility and strength, effectively and safely.

Students are welcome to bring a partner to assist them, if needed. Please call 484-860-3044 or email with any questions.

This class meets on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30 pm in Studio Be. The cost is $5.

Hot Flow

Detoxify and exhilarate

This class is “heated” between 90° and 95° and is focused on detoxifying and exhilarating the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention. The instructors will create a flow that combines strength and spirituality, while at a higher temperature than our other classes. The higher temperature will make your muscles more elastic, and therefore less susceptible to injury; this also allows you to go a bit further into your poses/asanas. The role of the instructor is to guide students to make the practice their own; and is often said in class, “I am only here to be your guide. You know your body best; listen to it.”

It is best to bring a small towel or a mat towel to prevent sliding on your mat or from your asanas. Water bottles are highly encouraged to provide you with ample fluids throughout your practice; water breaks will be suggested often. Drinking lots of water both before, during and after class is a must!

This class is NOT recommended for individuals with cardiovascular conditions or issues (hypertension, hypotension, congestive heart failure, or impaired coronary circulation), circulatory conditions, are predisposed to bleeding (Hemophilia) or are pregnant. It is easy to “over-do” in a heated class (eg. being distracted by the music, etc). When taking the heated classes, it is important for you to take responsibility for yourself and for your own safety… in other words, “You know your body best; listen to it.”

The following could be symptoms of dehydration (Please drink plenty of water!):

  • Dry, sticky mouth
  • Thirst
  • Headache
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Palpitations
  • Inability to sweat
  • Confusion

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WE Breathe

Quiet your mind, calm your body…

There is a direct relationship between the way we breathe and the way we feel energetically, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Proper breathing improves the introduction of oxygen into the physical body and the removal of carbon dioxide, allowing us to access a place of peace and quiet, deep within. Proper breathing is vital to our health, mental focus, and sense of calm.

In this free, introductory class, you will be guided through simple techniques to increase breath awareness and bring fullness to your breath. We will explore some basic breathing techniques including: diaphragmatic breathing (deep belly-breathing), full yogic breathing (three part breath), ujjayi (ocean-sounding breath), kapalabhati (cleansing breath), anuloma viloma (alternate nostril breathing), and brahmari (humming bee breath).

This 20 minute breathing class is free and open to all.

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WE Flow

Flow from one pose to the next as well as within a pose…

Move with your breath, flowing from one pose to another and within a pose. Increase body and breath awareness and attain inner calm as you strengthen and stretch. Poses for stillness and relaxation will balance the practice. Through postures and conscious breathing, become steady, strong, flexible and relaxed. Come and create your perfect practice with your body, mind, heart and breath!

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WE Flow Level 1

Gently strengthen and stretch…

This level-1 class includes stretching and strengthening for beginners, seniors, prenatal and postnatal, those rehabilitating and for anyone wanting or needing a gentler practice. Breathing, relaxation techniques and the use of props will guarantee you experience the benefits of yoga safely and mindfully.

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Happy Hour ($5)

De-stress and have fun…

Join us for Happy Hour…on the Yoga mat!  You are invited to our $5 Happy Hour classes with Jesika and Dominica on Fridays from 4:30-5:30 pm.  Leave your worries and stresses off the mat as you enjoy a challenging level 2-3 class in Studio Be with Jesika or a more relaxing level 1-2 class with Dominica in Studio A.  Please come and de-stress and have fun at the end of your work week!

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Kripalu Yoga


Inspired by the practices of Swami Kripalu, this class offers a deep integration of breath work and postures.

After body and breathing warm ups, WE flow between and within postures to increase awareness and alignment, and to deepen into holds of postures. Options to add Kapalabhati breathing into a posture hold or mulabhanda/root lock are also offered.

Expect to increase your aliveness and to get very quiet mentally and very relaxed physically. Although the postures are beginner-moderate level suitable, the intensity of the energy work and holds will challenge everyone!

Class is led by a teacher immersed in Kripalu Methodology and a graduate of the Kripalu Center’s 500 hour program.

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WE Meditate

Still your mind, go within, breathe…

Learn strategies to still your body, open your heart and quiet your mind. Take an amazing journey to meet your inner Teacher. Come and realize your true nature. Discover the Love, Joy, Peace and Wisdom within! Get to know your Self!

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WE Stretch

A little Yin…

WE Stretch balances a revitalizing physical practice with a mindful inward approach. The focus is on stretching, strengthening and balancing the body while also quieting the mind.

WE Stretch is a yin-inspired class. Whereas, many yoga styles are yang because they focus on heat, movement and elasticity, yin yoga is cooling, passive and static (holding) and the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, and fascia), along with the joints, are targeted. These parts of the body are not elastic as are our muscles, and therefore, poses need to be held longer for effective stretching (approximately 1-3 minutes). Every body has its own unique range of motion and in this class we will explore and expand the range of motion of our joints and connective tissues; if they are not stressed and stretched, with persistence and consistency, they degenerate. A yin practice also improves the flow of prana/chi/life force through the body, as the blockages in the pathways/meridians are removed. Organ health is enhanced and the central nervous system is strengthened. The mindful and meditative approach of this class encourages us to go inward, and adds to a truly well-rounded practice.

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Yoga for Athletes

Build strength, mental focus and flexibility…

The purpose of this class is to enhance athletic performance through yoga that will hone in on building strength, mental focus and flexibility. Sports often involve repetitive motions that cause muscle strain, tightness and compression. The adverse effects of athletics often lead to impeding our performance, whether due to pain or full blown injuries. Yoga for Athletes focuses on counteracting damage to the body by building overall strength and stamina.

This class is appropriate for people involved in all types of physical activities but most specifically running, swimming and/or cycling. This class is unique in that participants will be led through poses that focus directly on areas athletes often neglect such as core, back, shoulder, overall leg strength and stretching. Yoga for Athletes is identified as an all-levels class, not because it’s going to be easy or just an advanced lesson in stretching, but because participants will be encouraged to and provided advice on how to work to their edge, based on their sport, level of flexibility, and ability. Finally, this class is taught by fellow athletes, also registered as yoga instructors, who therefore have a personal connection to the needs of athletes.

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Chair Yoga

Yoga is for Everybody…

In Chair Yoga, yoga positions and poses are adapted through creative use of a chair. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of the body. The student is able to warm up the body safely and perform yoga poses with more support and stability. Poses are done seated on the chair or the chair is used for support during standing poses, forward and backward bends, side extensions, balancing, and leg and arm stretches.  Poses will be individualized to meet your needs.

Chair Yoga is offered every Tuesday at 11:30 am – 12:30 pm in Studio A.
The cost of the class is $5.

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Kids Flow

Fun and yoga for kids ages 4-8 on Mondays from 4:30-5:30 pm…

This creative, movement-based yoga class is centered around your children between the ages of 4 and 8 ($5/child). The certified yoga instructor for these classes will guide and encourage your child/children to play, dance, move, create, build, listen and explore in a variety of both physical and mental ways. Your child/children will experience a yoga adventure in a completely fun and accessible way.

While they are playing in studio Be (entering through the front door of the studio, closest to Highland St.), YOU are invited to experience your own yoga practice in studio A. This yoga class for your child is $5/child and the cost of your class follows the “regular” class fee options.

The class that runs simultaneously in studio A is WE Flow L2 with Laura.

What better way to begin a yoga practice, than as a child, in a nurturing environment with supportive and fun guides and in the room next to your yoga-practicing-parent. Join us, and introduce your child in a conscious, mindful, intentional AND fun way to yoga!

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Happy Hour ($5)

Let’s have some fun and unwind…

…on the Yoga mat! You are invited to our $5 Happy Hour with Jesika. Leave your worries and stresses off the mat as you enjoy this lively and challenging level 2-3 class to de-stress and have fun at the end of your work week! This class is for those who have a regular yoga practice, and is offered in Studio Be (enter through the front of the building on W. Highland Street).

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Prenatal Yoga

Keeping moms-to-be strong and flexible…

This all-level class is for moms-to-be. Stretch, strengthen and de-stress effectively and safely throughout your pregnancy. You are also invited to participate in any level-appropriate classes facilitated by Beth, Cat or Leah, who are all qualified to safely instruct prenatal practitioners.

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Yoga Nidra

Feel deep rest while completely awake

Relax the body and quiet the mind as you are guided you through a visualization experience that enables you to release and feel deeply soothed.  No physical yoga practice or meditation experience necessary.

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