Amico Studios0062-2Monique Shetayh:  “Yoga came into my life in the summer of 2006 during a pre-season tennis training week in college.  One of the requirements was to take a yoga class to help stretch and relieve the body from the rigorous movement of the day. I loved the way yoga made me feel physically and mentally, and I knew it was something I needed to keep in my life. Needless to say, I pursued my new interest with passion and continued to develop my practice over the years.  As my practice intensified, I noticed the ways in which going inward on the mat inspired self-discovery and self-growth off the mat.  Yoga brought balance, grounding, healing and calmness to my mind and body. As I’ve rooted into my practice, my yoga inspires me to be better, to think less, to feel more and to simply be in the present moment.

During the Summer of 2016, I decided to enroll in the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at West End Yoga because I was ready to deepen my knowledge and practice. The journey was a humbling, purifying and transformational experience.

Off the mat, I am a School Counselor in the Allentown School District. This past Spring, I started an after-school yoga club for my middle and high school students. I truly enjoyed experiencing yoga through them and watching them connect with the practice. I love sharing my passion for yoga with children and adults, and inspiring them to embrace the powerful tools that yoga has to offer.”