Spanish for Kids (Ages 5-9)

Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 pm, in Studio Be ($5)

In this class for school-aged children 5-9 years-old, your child will learn to communicate in Spanish using stories, games, songs and performance.  Children will learn to speak through songs and chanting, and to understand by being engaged in child created stories.

Irene Blough has been teaching French and Spanish for twenty-three years.  She is currently a Spanish teacher at the Lehigh Valley Academy in Bethlehem.  Her teaching method stems from her experience in the classroom and her devotion to the method of teaching with CI (Comprehensible Input).   In order to acquire a second language, one must understand the language before being able to produce it.  In order to understand, one must be personally engaged in what he or she is hearing, and hear it repeatedly.  For kids being personally engaged equals fun!

And…while your child is learning Spanish in Studio Be, YOU can be in WE Flow L1-2 with Leah in Studio A!